The Banning of Hormone Injected and Genetically Engineered Foods.

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Having freshly grown vegetables and a nice, old fashioned steak may soon be a health risk. With today's new advances in technologies, it seems everything must be improved from its original state. Genetic engineering and hormone injections are two examples of the advances in today's world. With genetic engineering scientists are able to change the DNA in an organism to make it "perfect" for retail, and human consumption. Scientists are able to adjust the DNA to make vegetables bigger, juicier, more tasteful, and more colorful, although not necessarily healthy. In the mentality of today's society, people think it is acceptable to pump cattle full of steroids and anti-biotic without knowledge of any side affects, just so they can make more money in a shorter amount of time. Even after the dangers of these processes have been found, scientists and farmers will still continue to produce foods that may be dangerous to us so they can make more money.

Hormone and anti-biotic injected meats and genetically engineered foods should be banned for retail in the United States due to their dangerous effects on human health.

Genetically engineered foods have been proven unsafe for human consumption, yet they are still being produced and sold to the public everyday. Because genetic engineering is a precise job, one mistake can potentially be deadly to its consumer.

One potential problem that arises with genetic engineering is the possibility of that crop to produce high levels of toxins, this potentially making all the vegetables in that genetically engineered group toxic. Although this situation may occur only once in a blue moon it is a possibility every time a crop is genetically engineererd. Another possibility of mishap would be the creation of unknown allergens, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses developing in these foods. One source reports "Already a...