"Baptising babies is pointless." Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

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Some people might say that baptising babies is pointless because the baby obviously does not know what is going on and so does not have any beliefs to be baptised. They think that instead of baptising babies, they should wait until the person is old enough to decide for himself when they have true beliefs. They might think that it is unfair that the child doesn't have a choice in the matter as they might disagree with their parents' views later on in life and resent being baptised. They might also believe that if someone is baptised when they are a baby, they feel pressurised to be confirmed when they are a older and go ahead with it even if they do not really want to.

I disagree with these views because I think it is right to baptise babies because then they are being properly welcomed into God's family, and become a child of God, which means more than the welcoming ceremony that the Baptists have.

If they were not baptised, when they are older they would not feel as welcome to join God's family and may be intimidated, from experience, I feel it is better to grow up in God's family. Children are already partaking in the keeping of God's commandments such as keeping the Sabbath and they are raised to love and believe in God so why shouldn't they also be able to be sealed with his name in baptism? There is nothing in the scriptures which says that we shouldn't baptise babies and surely it is better to be wrong in baptizing them instead of being wrong in not baptizing them, considering that their eternal life is at stake.

It cannot be pointless to baptise babies as they are cleansed of sin as well as adults in baptism, as they are cleansed of Original Sin, which is the temptation to sin so they start their life ready to go to heaven and the opportunity of eternal life, which is something all parents would want for their children.

Also, even if parents decide they want their child to be confirmed without asking the child, I doubt the child would disagree adamantly anyway if they have already been baptised and are a full member of the church as they would have grown up with God's will and Christian values, and if they very strongly disagreed with confirmation, I am sure no good parent would absolute force their child.

To conclude, I believe that baptising babies is not pointless and that it is good for the child as they grow up in God's family and they grow up knowing they should follow God's values, as they are officially part of his family. They start off their life with God's grace and no sin and the promise of eternal life. They would also feel more accepted and welcome and be more inclined to carry on the Christian faith for the rest of their lives.