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A Poem By: Lee A. Zito

All she wants is a ring

there's one at Wal-mart

just nine ninety five.

She's still undeserving of it.

Maybe she'd even lose it.

And I use the word lose in a gentle way.

Discard, throw away, Trash.

Yes, trash...

The material wife

into matrimony life

She'll forget the baby,

never mind the pool of bloody fetuses.

She killed them all one by one

But had to have this one,

the doctors made her.

I wonder.

Will the law inspect the others too?

When she decided they shouldn't live?

From nameless death

the bastard children come alive.

The cradle cries loudly,

maybe for her lost brother, sister?

In the corner there is the good girl

cuddling her baby doll.

She is neglected and unloved.

Don't buy the ring

instead buy her a surgeon

to open her up one last time

and rip out the weeds.