Barriers to Learning.

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This report will focus on some of the main barriers to learning that may be encountered on training a project team. The new project team consists of eight members of mixed IT ability ranging from novice to expert users and some with a third level education. The training will be to deliver a course in Microsoft Project 2003 and the team was formed to manage the implementation of a new database system. The subject matter of the course, MS Project training, is not the focus of this report. However what will be looked at is to try to identify some barriers to learning and what the lecturer can do to overcome these barriers and which tutor or learned centred methods could be utilised to help teach the project team.

Report on barriers to learning.

From the information that is provided it is not known the age or team position of each person in the team.

This would have some bearing on barriers to learning because of their different backgrounds and social status within the team. But because the barriers to learning cross all divides of social construct these barriers would have some relation to all the team members.

The barriers to learning fall roughly into three groups.

Physical. They might include:

Lack of time due to work, family, and child care responsibilities

Difficulties in paying course fees and fear of losing benefits

Disability, particularly lack of mobility

Ill health

Difficulties with reading and writing, English and numeracy.

Attitudinal barriers. These are often the hardest to overcome. They might include:

Being nervous about going back to the classroom and concern about not being able to keep up.

Negative perceptions of schooling and scepticism about the value of learning.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence both generally and in relation to...