Barry Bonds's Steroid Use

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Bonds is portrayed as a driven, jaded and jealous player who was enraged about McGwire being treated like a hero. The excerpt says Bonds made racially insensitive remarks about McGwire to Bell, his former girlfriend. "They're just letting him do it because he's a white boy," Bonds is quoted as saying in the excerpt.Bonds added that Sosa, a Latin American player, would never beat McGwire because "they'll never let him win."

In the 1999 season, according to the excerpt, Bonds was irate when the Giants set up ropes around the batting cage for crowd control because McGwire was in San Francisco with the St. Louis Cardinals. He reportedly said "not in my house" while pushing aside the barriers. Bell, who said she dated Bonds for nine years, including periods when he was married, also described how he constantly checked on her and intimidated her. The excerpt said Bonds told Bell he would kill her if he learned she was dating someone else.

According to the excerpt, Bonds was not truthful when he testified on Dec. 4, 2003, before a federal grand jury investigating Balco. The Chronicle reported that Bonds testified that he had used products described as "the clear" and "the cream" but that he did not think they were steroids.

Although 'The Chronicle' reported that Bonds's testimony revealed that he had never injected himself with drugs, the excerpt shares a different story. There are examples of what the authors describe as Bonds's careful, calculated use of steroids and how he learned to inject himself. At one point, according to the excerpt, Bonds was talking to Anderson about injections and he said, "I'll do it myself." The excerpt says that Bonds's first involvement with steroids was with the drug Winstrol after the 1998 season and that it erased the...