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Baseball is arguably Americas favorite pastime. There is more history in baseball than in any other sport. The great players that have graced the game make it what it is today. Things have changed quite a bit from then to now. Players did not make anywhere near the amount of money they make now, and there weren't as many people filing into stadiums everyday back then. There are many different types of players. Most of them are very large men, but there are still a few small guys that can still play with the best of them. Two of the biggest players in the game get two of the biggest paychecks in the game. Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds are the two biggest icons of the game, but they took two different roads to get to that position.

Alex and Barry both have a tremendous love for the game and are similar in ability.

They both hustle and play the game the way it should be played. Barry has a certain swagger about himself, almost as if he knows pitchers are scared to pitch to him and likes it. Alex is a more reserved guy, he is always politically correct. He doesn't give the media anything to run with, unlike Barry. Barry says what is on his mind and that has gotten him into some trouble over the years.

Barry is a power hitter. He solidifies everything a power hitter should be. He has the all-time single season home run record, and will probably surpass Hank Aaron with the most career home runs. In the last three years he has led the league in home runs twice and slugging percentage all three years. Those categories are what power hitters are defined by. Alex is a professional hitter. A professional hitter...