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Baseball, America's favorite pastime is the greatest game ever invented, in my opinion. It provides for team victories and championships, but it also focuses on individual achievement in batting, pitching, and every other action that decides winners and losers. The game was invented by Abner Doubleday, but baseball's true father was Alexander Cartwright. In the mid 1800's, Cartwright formalized a list of rules which teams could play. Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright collectively created a sport and tradition that has been popular for approximately 150 years.

Baseball is played by millions around the world. A game that involves throwing, catching, and hitting seems so simple. Yet, there are only 700 Major League baseball players in the World. Why is that? Try hitting a ninety-five mile-per-hour fastball, then adjusting to an off-speed pitch. Pitchers can master a variety of off-speed pitches. These pitches consist of a change-up, curve ball, knuckle ball, screw ball, slider, and sinker.

Each pitch moves in its own mysterious way. Home plate is only sixty feet- six inches from the pitcher's mound. You have approximately one-tenth of a second to react. Which pitch do you expect next? Don't expect anything, just think fastball, and adjust to a slower, off-speed pitch. If you ever guess off-speed, the heat will blow right by you!

Unlike other professional sports, such as basketball and football, baseball has more challenging leagues after college. You do not advance straight to the top. You have to compete in Single A, Double A, and Triple A. Then, if you're good enough, you will make the Major Leagues. The majority of kids growing up with the same dream of becoming of a professional baseball player end their ever long dream after high school. My one and only dream was discontinued after high school, which means I...