Baseball Fever

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Baseball Fever The title of my book is Baseball Fever. The author of my book is Johanna Hurwitz. There are 128 pages in the book that I read. The type of literature in the book is fiction.

The story takes place in Flushing New York. The time that it takes place is during the springtime around March and April.

Ezra Feldman is a young boy that loves baseball. Ezra is ten years old and has an older brother named Harris. Harris is in his 20s and is very smart like his dad, also he is nice. Mr. Feldman is Ezras father, he is smart because he can play a chess game in his head.

Ezra loves baseball and does not like to miss any games. His father hates baseball and thinks that it is a waste of time. On the first game Ezra father told him to go get some stamps during the game.

Instead he watches the baseball game and waits until it is over to get the stamps. When he went the post office they were closed. Then when Ezra got home his father was so mad he told Ezra he could not watch baseball games any more. When his mom got home she told him to go apologize to his father. Ezra told his dad that he was sorry and told him to use his stamps from his stamp collection. Mr. Feldman was surprised and told him he could watch the baseball games this season.

The way that the book relates to me is when I lived in Arizona I could not watch football. So in a way Ezra relates to me. One passage that relates to me is my dad told me to mow the lawn well I waited and got in trouble.