Based on the poem "He Is More Than A Hero" written by Sappho. Talks about the author's sexuality

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"He is a god in my eyes- the man who is allowed to sit beside you"

"If I met you suddenly, I can't speak- my tongue is broken"

The following lines were taken from a poem written by Sappho entitled "He Is More Than A Hero." For those who are not familiar with Sappho, she was a resident of a city names Lesbos. She lived from 630 B.C. - 570 B.C. In the city of Lesbos, Sappho was a highly respected poet/teacher by many but mainly the females. It is said that she was constantly surrounded by a circle of women who studied poetry with her. I am using this background information and the quotation from one of her many poems "He Is More Than A Hero" to support my theory that Sappho was a homosexual. Though the evidence is merely circumstantial, I feel that it is enough to convince one that she is a homosexual.

The poem which I extracted my thesis statement is obviously being written to a woman, but it is cleverly masked by the title "He Is More Than A Hero" and a few other lines in the poem. In the beginning of the poem she is briefly describing someone's male companion who is apparently a good lover possessing a few qualities that Sappho admires. "He who listens to the sweet murmur of your voice- the enticing laughter that makes my own heart beat fast."

Though the first few lines serve as a clever disguise, a cultured reader notices that the poem suddenly changes subjects, moving from a description of this man who is a god in Sappho's eyes to a declaration of love for the female companion of this man-god. The 3-4th lines address an unknown you who is apparently the...