Based on the position of the film, define whether cloning is beneficial or not to human beings.

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Cloning is the production of a group of genetically identical cells or organisms, all descended from a single individual. The member of a clone has the exactly the same characteristic, only the difference is subjected to the environmental influence.

In the scene of the film, it shows the DNA of the protagonist was being taken out by the stranger all of the sudden. The protagonist didn't know anything until he noticed that a member of a clone is the same as him. And even his daughter was being cloned. The clone members were having the party, he couldn't believe himself but he can do nothing at that time. He was so depress at that moment because someone deprived all his personal belongings such as freedom, his wife, his real daughter, his relative as well as his position. The possible effects would be beyond our imagination, in the case of the film, how could the same appearance but different people at home share the protagonist's wife.

Even if his wife accepts this situation, the protagonist and the cloned member will also have the conflict between each other consequently. Therefore, cloning is harmful to us because it violates the law in nature.

In my opinion, cloning will affect the offspring and I think we should ban human cloning because it has a possibility to reduce the value of our life, to take away individuality in our society, and to destroy the moral and social systems human have long cultivated. Moreover, I think human cloning is an invasion of privacy for the human conceived by cloning. We should consider human cloning in that light. We do not have a right to take away any human that is original - even a clone. As a result, cloning technology is in danger of being abused.