Basic concepts of Puritan ideology, Why were Puritans left England, Puritan ideology and religion.

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We can generally explain puritans as a group of people who left their own land, (England) because of their King. King James refuses the church because he wants to devorce from his wife and marry with an other. And Catolic Church refuses this. Then King James said that he won't be obeying the church rulez any more, and introduces himself as the new church of England. Puritans are religious people so that they couldn't stand beside this situation and they decided to move elsewhere from England.

First Puritans who were decided to live the island were totally 102 people. They've filled a ship with any equipment, food, etc... which is called "Mayflower" They get all the thing with them, which should help them to build up their own lifes. They were going to a place which they've never seen before.

A place even nobody has seen before. There were no economy, no towns, no social life even no people. This was a great risk. Any of those 102 people know what would they see when the Mayflower brings them to new lands. They only know that they'll have to be working hard to set-up a new village and to stay alive.

Those 102 people successfully passed the huge atlantic ocean with Mayflower in 1620. The ship was somewhere near Boston and they landed on the new area that millions of others will be follow these 102 men through the 3 centuries. Ä° think that they've never think about that. So we can call Puritans the first Americans. All that they want was to have their own religion. They wanted to set-up the "True Church" that they dream of. They could not live their own religion, the religion that they...