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Around when and where was the first guitar made?The first guitar was created in Rome and was brought to Spain around forty AD. The modern guitar is a far descendent from the first guitar made in Rome. In the beginning it only had four strings. The six string guitar was created later and was more popular elsewhere in Europe.

How important is guitar in modern day life?Guitar in modern life is very important. Almost everyone in the world listens to music; guitar is a big part of music. Because guitar is such a big part of music and music is a big part of life guitar, therefore, is a very big part of life.

How important was guitar when it was first created?Compared to nowadays the guitar when it was first created was not very important. It was important to a certain point for entertainment purposes and such. The guitar now is much more important than it was when it was first created but I think that’s only because only a certain number of guitars would have been made at that time.

What are all parts of both acoustic and electric guitars?There are a ton of parts to both the electric and acoustic guitars. Some of the basic parts of an acoustic guitar are the hollow body, the neck which holds the frets, the head which has the tuning pegs, and a soundboard. The soundboard is what makes an acoustic guitar loud enough for us to hear, in the soundboard there is a large hole. Attached to the soundboard there is a bridge which anchors the strings. On an electric guitar there is a body, on the body there is a bridge, pickups, strings, strap holders, tremolo inputs, and volume/tone controls. The neck which contains the fret board. There is...