Basic Installation Of Redhat Linux 7.2

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Installing RedHat Linux 7.2 RedHat is the most popular alternative to the Windows operating systems. It offers all the capabilities of Windows with absolutely no cost to the user. RedHat Linux is completely free under the GNU software license. RedHat also includes thousands of free applications, which mirror many popular windows programs like Word, Access, Excel, finance applications and games. The topics discussed in this essay will be acquiring, installing, configuring and using RedHat Linux 7.2 RedHat Linux is available to download from The Operating system comes as two CD-R image files that you can then write onto discs to install. These files are quite large, so a high-speed Internet access is preferred. There are multiple ways to install RedHat from the CD's. The easiest way for individuals familiar with DOS is to use a Windows 98 boot disc to start the computer. Insert the First Redhat CD-Rom then type: "D:dosutilsautoboot" (D represents the CD-Rom drive letter) to start the installation program.

The machine will promptly boot Linux and start the RedHat Linux Installation program. The interface is very intuitive and automatically picks the best choice for most options. Click through the prompts using the default selection. When prompted for installation type select "gnome workstation" from the list and press next. RedHat Linux will now install and configure all relevant packages. The installation program will prompt for the next CD. After the installation finishes it will prompt you to choose a root password, and to create other user accounts. The machine will then restart and boot into Linux.

After the machine boots up the user login prompt will appear. Type the root username and password to log into Linux. For those familiar with Windows the Gnome interface will be very similar. The gnome foot in the lower left-hand...