Basic limitations in modern sciences.

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In modern science, the preconceived scheme in which nature manifests itself with the experimental devices, there are basic limitations in the scientific description of nature. The presence of chaotic systems in nature places a limit to apply deterministic laws based upon linear systems established at the core of modern science, which is justified by experimental sciences. The other reason deterministic approaches has a basic limitation is that they are unobservable idealizations for unstable systems due to sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

Determinism is adopted into modern science with the idea that every event or action is the inevitable result of the previous events and actions. According to the deterministic model of science, the nature works like a perfect machine, without randomness and predetermined situations. The modern science requires pure theories that imply anything that happens at any future is completely determined by what happens now and suitable for any situation.

"The deterministic model is the the characteristic of the Newtonian era" and Newton's three laws are deterministic enough for demonstrating the observed motion of any physical processes. With the Newton's deterministic model "a useful scheme of quite creditable accuracy and predictable power" came out.

Taking a preconceived scheme of nature and interpret the nature based on this view is a basic limitation because modern sciences study on linear systems ignoring the fact that life is indeed non-linear and therefore there must be chaos. In the interpretation of nature, the modern science depends on pure theory to make up a scheme. This scheme of nature is justified by experimental devices. To solve a complex problem in terms of "experimental science", the theory formed as a consequence of the scheme preconceived by science is broken into smaller problems. The experimental sciences are mainly dealing with linear systems in which not much...