Basic Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix for Military Clothing and Sales Services

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Military Clothing and Sales Services provides military members with the proper supplies to complete their daily missions. There is a MCSS on almost every post in the military, and the supplies vary depending on the type of post it is on. Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force all have different uniforms and regulations as to what they need to have with them in uniform or in a combat training situation. On each post or base we have the necessary supplies specified by that instillations commander.

Military Clothing and Sales Services should have everything the members need on that instillation in order to achieve their goal of complete customer satisfaction. The motto is "Serving the best customers in the world" and "Serving those who serve." If they want to keep the "best customers in the world" then they have to live up to the standards of the customers. Military member's needs are important and could be spur of the moment so things need to be in-stock and ready to go.

Military members would be the target customers, but their dependents needs are also in line. We have in-stock and available everything that a member would need in an emergency or training exercise. We also carry a number of extra utensils that they may want to carry with them at any time. Logo shirts, shorts, and pants are available with the instillations logo for family members and friends of members.

Our prices and value of our products offered are at the best rate. They may also get store credit in case they need something and have not got the funds for it yet. Store credit is a credit card that can be used at any military store in the world. We have no taxes on our products because military members do not...