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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus or diabetes is a metabolic disorder that results from an

imbalance of harmonies produced in the pancreas. People with diabetes aren't able to

properly convert the food they eat into fuels needed by the body to function this can be

dangerous because without fuel the body is unable to function properly. Not too long ago,

people didn't know what diabetes was or how to treat it. In those days people who had

diabetes often died as a result of not being able to convert food into the energy needed by

the body. We now know what diabetes is, and how to treat it, to help those with diabetes

live a normal and healthy lives. However, we still don't know what exactly causes it, and

there is no cure for diabetes yet (Belmonte5-7)

Diabetes affects almost 16 million people in the U.S., and millions more world

wide. It is not contagious It can not be spread from person to person. No one can catch it

from you. It is called a syndrome, which is a collection of disease's. This means that there

is more than one kind of diabetes (Belmonte 7-8)

What causes diabetes?

The body's immune system plays an important role in the development in

diabetes. The immune system projects us from harmful substances that may harm our

body, such as viruses and bacteria. The immune system of people with diabetes seek out

the cells that produce insulin and destroys them, This causes people with diabetes to stop

producing insulin partially or completely. With out insulin diabetes develops(Gordon 15).

Heredity plays a role in deterring who will develop diabetes, especially for Type

II diabetes, You are at a higher risk of getting diabetes if someone in your family has or

has had diabetes.

Diabetes is...