Basic Religion: Short Essay

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Basic Religion Essay

According to the American Heritage dictionary religion is a "belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe." It is true that all religions do involve the worship of some supernatural force, however, it is also true that no religion in history has ever stopped at that. Some would have you believe that it has brought peace and harmony to the world and that its leaders are motivated by the service of their God. This is not true. Today and throughout centuries we've seen the misuse of God. Today we have people like Osama bin Laden, Louis Farakahn, David Koresch and many others who use God to propagate racism and hate, thereby giving them the power to unite and control a given segment of the population and possibly complete control of the world's population.

Religion is much more that the worship of a supernatural force as its leaders would have us believe.

It is in fact, a method in which many societies are governed and controlled. I want to find a way to teach people that religion should not used to instill fear or spread racism and hate but that it is in our lives to help promote spirituality in each of us. I want to stop the world from using religion and God as an excuse to kill and harm others.