Basic Rights Of Homosexuals

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Basic Human Rights of Homosexuals On the night of January 13, 1983 Deborah Johnson, was planning to take her significant other, Dr. Zandra Rolón to dinner at an elite restaurant, Papa Choux. At the restaurant there were certain booths in which couples could sit with privacy. Johnson had made reservations to sit in one of these booths. Upon arriving to the restaurant and explaining their reservation, the waiter asked them to repeat their request. Once clarified he sat them down and closed the curtain. He returned a few minutes later to remove the table and tell them that it was against the law to have two men or two women sit in these booths. The two being political activists knew this was incorrect. Later on the maître-d ' said that the owner did not want gay or lesbian couples sitting in these booths, the couple sued for discrimination yet were only awarded $250 apiece, the fine for breaking the local ordinance (Johnson, Rolón 444-452).

Homosexuality was never created; it was just brought to public attention. It has been approached with much controversy for quite a while. Homosexuals have been called sub-human and have even been attacked because of their sexual orientation. Although many believe that homosexuals should not be allotted the same rights as heterosexuals, their rights must be protected, because they are a minority, there is considerable evidence stating that homosexuality is genetic; as such homosexuals should not be denied individual rights until, as a whole, they are proven to cause a distinct moral decline in society.

Homosexuals have been considered as only a small few for years. Yet, even though they make up a considerable amount the world's population, they are still a minority. Minorities throughout the years have fought for rights and protection from the government. Minorities...