Basic Systems Analysis

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There have been rapid technological developments in the information technology industry over the past decade and this article takes into account such aspects as sophisticated methods of data input and output and the many new computer applications now feasible with the introduction of cheaper computing hardware.

The article tries to provide a basic understanding into systems analysis at a very introductory level. It is also useful for people in the industry wanting to understand the use of computers in business and the problems of introducing computer-based systems into business and administration.

Role of organisation in Systems Analysis

Systems within an organization are an integral part of the organisation. They reflect the organization's objectives. To start our system analysis, an informed awareness of the organization is necessary.

One can always start with the organization's history. This will provide us a view into the management's working and decision making .The management's overall policies should be kept in mind.

The organisation must also be studied for its dependence on older structures and how independent are the new changes of the older structure. One must also follow the policies of the organisation and role of each function in meeting these policies.

The organisation chart must also be studied in detail and all the line functions and the support functions must be identified. The former is responsible for executing policies and translating them into attainable objectives, while the latter usually act as advisors.

The organisation chart may or may not be indicative of the flow of control. The task of the analyst should be to identify the real lines of communication. This exercise will give a clue to how changes introduced in one area may affect the work of others.

The analyst must also look at the environment under which the organisation operates. Her...