A basic write up of a bill legalizing assisted suicide

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For every state in the United States of America, assisted suicide is allowed depending on certain conditions.

For the terminally ill: if a patient asks for assisted suicide from his physician, then the physician is obligated to help his patient do this, but first go through a procedure to make sure that this person is qualified for assisted suicide. First the physician needs to decipher whether or not death is inevitable for the patient. The physician must have a second opinion on this. Once the physician has deciphered whether or not the patient is terminally ill the physician must inform the patient on the procedure of suicide. Then the patient must inform anybody he lives with about his decision. If and only if all these measures are taken, can a terminally ill patient receive assisted suicide.

For others who aren't terminally ill: Suicide clinics will be set up in every state.

A suicide clinic will be built every fifty miles. At these suicide clinics someone who is wishing to receive assisted suicide must first meet with a mental health professor who will be working at the clinic. The mental health professor will make sure that the person wants to commit rational suicide, which he has weighed out all alternatives, considered how the act will affect others, and has consulted with friends, family members, and clergy. If the mental health professor believes that the person wants to commit rational suicide, then and only may he be given assisted suicide.

In regard to clinics: Mental health professors will be hired to question the people who want assisted suicide. They will be paid by the state. Specialist will be hired to aid in the assisted suicide procedure, which will also be paid by the state. Each patient in the clinic must...