This is basically, a broad and at times advanced summary of the fur trapping and trade companies at the beginning of the 1800's.. written as if the buisness was recently created...

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Abattage Fur Company

The Abattage Fur Company has been in business for well over 80 years. We believe that one of main advantages over the competition is our excellent location of posts in America. Our great grandfather established these posts long before our competitors were born. We managed to set up multiple posts on the rivers of; The Mississippi, The Ohio; and The Hudson. As of now we are sponsoring an expedition to set up a post in the far west following the successful peregrination of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. We have found that our location of posts have given us an excellent strategical advantage as these locations are on major trade rivers. Not only that, but also these rivers are also full of water most of the year. We are also fully willing to use any other form of transportation if it will increase or profits.

We would like to hire experienced hunters, as well as people who are good at sales.

Zealotry is a good quality that we look for in people, they need tireless devotion to the business so that it can develop into the best that it can possibly be. We need people with intelligence, those will be the backbone behind the company. We will be looking for a central force, or an allover good person who can be trusted with company's most delicate secrets; he will be the glue that holds this company together. Our main goal is to higher people that are good workers and are easy to be around with, so that we can quickly develop into an even bigger enterprise.

The main form of transportation we to ship our products is Coastal and River Shipping. We use this form of transportation because we have long established posts of major rivers that...