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Well hello my name is Diane and I'm going to tell you about my favorite subject. Its not Science its not Math. Nope not that type of subject. Guess. I'll give you a hint, it's a sport. If you guessed basketball you are correct. Yes Basketball is my favorite sport. I'll tell you why. Because its fun, a way to socialize, be healthy, and helps you concentrate.

Okay let me start with why its fun. Well its fun in many ways one of them is its easy to play. I don't play so good myself but I still have fun. There are not many rules to remember and the rules you do have to remember are not complicated. You could play by yourself shooting hoops or with many people o teams.

Another part I like about basketball is that when you play you meet other people. it's a fun way to socialize.

The people I've met while playing basketball have become my friends.

Basketball also helps you be healthy, because as fun as it may be its an exercise. Its also believe it or not a good way to relax. While you play you forget your problems, because you focus on the game instead. Therefore its good for your stress. A lot of basketball players are really tall I believe its because you to stretch up to jump. You jump to shoot to block and many more.

Basketball also helps train your brain to concentrate on one thing and block out everything else. This is good because now whenever you do one thing you will concentrate on that only. As a result you will have to study less. That's how basketball makes you smarter.

Now that Ive told you why I like basketball its your turn. Go play basketball. Even...