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Basketball is a great game that is one of the most popular in America.

In this sport you have to have good aim to shoot, good jumping skills to

rebound, you have to be quick, and also have good ball handling skills. In a

real game there are only five players on the court, referees, foul outs, and

rules like no running with the ball, no fouling, out of bounds and no running

over the other teams players on offense. I really enjoy playing this game and

I practice a lot outside on my court and play for P.A.L in the winter. I think I

am a pretty good player and dream of playing for the NBA one day. Next

year I'm going to play varsity for our school instead of wrestling and try my

best to help the team win. If I try really hard and practice everyday I could be

an extremely good player.

I usually play with my friends after school for fun

or just to play around and have a good time, practice on my own to practice

things I need work on, or practice with my dad and let him give me some


I love watching basketball games on TV and usually watch the Knicks

play. Out of all of the 28 teams in the NBA my favorite teams from best to

least favorite are the New York Knicks with Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson,

John Starks, Charlie Ward, Chris Childs, Charles Oakly, and Allen Houston.

Then I like the Charlotte Hornets with Anthony Mason, Tyrone Bouges,

Glenn Rice, Gladie Divac, and Curry. My third favorite team is the Seattle

Super Sonics with Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Schremph, and Perdue. My

fourth and final favorite team is the Orlando Magic with my favorite player...