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It is one of America's favorite sports, a game of high flying athletes, but most of all, a game of art and creativity; this is the game of basketball. The following paragraphs will enlighten the game of basketball, and hopefully answer all the questions drawn from this topic. I intend to describe the origins of basketball, the start of the NBA, and how the game has changed throughout the years.

"From the beginning, no team sport aimed higher. In 1891, in a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, a young Canadian-born instructor named James Naismith invented a simple game in which players could raise their sights, extend their reach and stretch their imagination." (Dupree, 1) Professor Naismith, a mentor at the Springfield Men's Christian Association Training School, established the basis of the sport when he asked a warden to nail two peach baskets to the gym balcony. (Dupree, 1) The young professor reasoned that elevating the baskets would endorse agility and finesse rather than the brutality associated with football.

Dr. Naismith could have only dreamed how basketball would evolve into an aerial acrobatic phenomenon. (Dupree, 1)

Nearly twelve months after WWII had ended, entrepreneurs had a demand for entertainment. At this point in time, baseball, boxing and horse racing were the big, money making sports. Two men, Walter Brown and Al Sutphin were interested in earning success by making basketball a pro sport. The two men submitted their idea to a sports editor, and on June 6, 1946 the BAA (Basketball Association of America) which would later be called the NBA (National Basketball Association) was born. (Dupree, 27) This day was the second anniversary of D-Day and to many personal history. Out of the dryness of entertainment during the war came the NBA, a professional league that would change sports...