The Batavia shipwreck

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Strange Objects by Gary Crew

1)Where did the Batavia come from?

The Batavia came from the Dutch India Company, built in 1628 in Amsterdam, Holland. Made for cargo, and 1 of a kind, with 24 cast iron cannons.

2)Where was it going?

The Batavia was going to the Dutch East Indies to pick spices up and drop them off back at Amsterdam.

3)What was it doing in Western Australian waters?

The Batavia was in Western Australian waters because Jacobsz deliberately steered the ship off course away from the rest of the fleet, because he was trying to mutineer with Cornelisz and live a life of comfort.

4)Why was it separated from the convoy?

The Batavia was separated from the convoy because Jacobsz turned the ship on a wrong course to get away with mutiny; he failed because he crashed the ship into the west coast of Australia, near Perth.

5)Who were the people in charge of the ship and what were their relationships?

The people in charge of the ship were François Pelsaert and Ariaen Jacobsz, their relationship was that they had met each other in Surat, India, where they had a fight, and animosity grew between them.

6)Where did the wreck take place?

The wreck took place about 80 kilometres away from the Western Australian coast, north-north-east of Perth

7)Who went for help and where did they go?

There were 48 people that went for help, the leader of them was Pelsaert, and most of the people on the boat were officers. They went off the island off Java, to the city called Batavia (the name was changed to Jakarta), it was about 1200 nautical miles away.

8)How long did it take to get help and come back?

The journey took Palsaert and his men about 3½ months...