Batch And Flow Production

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THE REQUIREMENTS FOR SETTING UP A FLOW LINE Flows lines operate on the principle of sequentiality. Items are processed as they pass through a number of workstations along a line, delivering the required output.

Flow lines require that production processes flow smoothly from one workstation to the next to ensure greatest efficiency. This requires a distributed planning of the production process and layout.

One has to take into consideration the storage expenses incurred, as the camping trailers are bulky. By adopting the Just In Time (JIT) system the output of one workstation immediately becomes the input of the next workstation minimizing the costs of storing the raw materials, the work in progress and the finished goods. A JIT philosophy will also ensure the minimizing of idle time of whole workstations ¡V labour and money.

Adopting a JIT philosophy would mean that the flow line would have to operate according to the fluctuating demand reflecting the highly seasonal demand of the camping trailers.

Seaside trailers Ltd. have to consider, however, the capability of the suppliers in providing the raw materials at the desired quantity and time during the peak production seasons.

COORDINATION OF ACTIVITIES The allocation of tasks must be done very carefully in order to spread out the work load between the workstations in order to achieve line-balancing.

Seaside Trailers Ltd. must also consider the fact that during the high seasons, namely February till May, the saturation point might be reached thus leveling out the level of production activities throughout the year cannot be avoided, this would require additional storing capacity for the campers as this is limited.

CONTINGENCY PLANNING Contingency planning is important for management when adopting the flow line system. This is so because it helps management to resort to an emergency plan of action if any breakdowns,