"Battered Wives, Shattered Lives"

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I will provide you a review of the 1985 movie "Battered Wives, Shattered Lives", narrated by Mr. Ed Asner. The movie sheds some light on numerous cases and instances of domestic violence and the battering of women.

The states of New Jersey, Minnesota, and Alaska have taken action to recognize the domestic violence issues and taken action to hold the abusers accountable for their unjust actions. Abuse was said to be actions involving beating and chocking. Once Instance involving Ms. Rapp, she killed her abusive husband in self-defense after realizing that it was either him or her that would die on that day. She put up with 30 years of horrific abuse and enough was enough.

Violence was said to be a learned behavior and most of the time it was associated with drinking. The act of violence is common to gain control and seek power over another through physical abuse.

Most abusive relationships are held together for the children, love, marital vowels, economic needs or social status and dependency of the other individual. The battered woman begins to believe that she is no good. The result is an abused woman with nowhere to go. In 1974, the state of New Jersey established shelters to provide assistance and support to protect the victim. Since then, 29 states have established these shelter programs.

The legal system recognized repeated violence/crimes were indicators of abusive individuals. In Minnesota, cases involving counseling, restraining orders and prosecution of these abusive victims sought little or no mercy from the judges. In 1977, the Men's Group was established requiring abusive men to attend counseling sessions to learn to curb anger and learn that they don't own or have no right to abuse another. Through educational intervention and prevention techniques, the abuser can learn to readapt...