Battle Of The Alamo

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The Alamo was the first site of the Texan war for independence against Mexico. On Feb. 3, 1836 a Mexican force of 4,000 men commanded by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, general and dictator of Mexico fought to recapture that part of Texas, which was taken by the Texans the previous December. One hundred and fifty-five Texans under the command of General William Travis fled from the Mexican force to the Alamo. The most important individuals were William Travis, Jim Booie, and Davy Crockett. Booie and Travis were both commanders of the Texan army. Davy Crockett was a sharpshooter from Tennessee who came to Texas to help the Texans fight for independence. The Alamo had 155 volunteers and 15 civilians who included the wife of one of the defenders, several black slaves, and Mexicans who lived in Texas. Thirty-two men were sent from Gonzales to the Alamo as reinforcements.

All the defenders died except the civilians.

5. My topic was one that generated lots of information. The method I used for searching gave me more than adequate information. I had enough information to learn about my topic. I learned that the 187 Texan defenders were very heroic and courageous to give up their lives for what they believed, when the odds were against them. The words "Remember the Alamo" became the Texan battle cry, and the memory of the Alamo defenders would later at the battle of San Jacinto, result in Texas's revenge.