The Battle of Algers, and how this movie is so simillar to the movies that we see today about political issues.

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The Battle of Algers, is a film that does question the policies of one country controlling another country and therefore controlling its people. This film allows the viewer to see war from the rebels point of view and see how they are thrown into this windstorm that occured once France took over the country. This film also drew erie similarities to the Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq now. It is different that in the film there is no reason for the capturing of the country where as in current events the United States decided it was for our countries safety. Regardless why we are fighting in Iraq is not the point, but rather how normal citizens can combat a powerful army is why this film is similar to current events and why servicemen of our army watched this film.

Concerning the statement that this was the "most important film" is not accurate.

This film did ask very thought provoking questions, however, it did not leave the viewer with an opionion skewed completely to one side or another. For the film to be as important as the statement it would need to be powerful enough so that the masses would be outraged by one side or atleast have a firm stance on their thoughts. This film however makes both sides hazy so once the film is completed there are more questions then answers and ones opionions are not strong.

The other reason this film is not as important as the statement says is because of its outlet to the masses. The importance of the media is vital to how the masses think and feel about policies. This film is more of a cult classic so that it did not influence as many people as a box office hit which ask questions...