Battle of the bulge

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Battle of the Bulge The Battle of the Bulge was Germany's last stab at victory in WWII. It lasted from December 16,1944 until January 28,1945. It was the largest land battler of WWII, which was mostly determined by the infantry.

Over one million men participated in this battle including 600,000 German's, 500,000 Americans, and 55,000 British. Civilians, men, women, and children joined Hitler's Secret Service army.

Late in 1944 Germany was clearly loosing the war Allies were bombing Germany heavily and Hitler was in a bomb shelter. Some people thought he was dead. While in the shelter he was planning his last attempt to slow the Allied invasion. He planned it down to the smallest detail. Hitler assigned the attack to be somewhere between the Aachan area and the Southern Luxembourg-France boundary an eighty-mile front. The plan estimated four and five millions of gallons of fuel along with a fifty train loads of ammunition.

Germany seemed to be spread thinly along their border. They would patrol the border during the day and go to the post at night. Some Americans thought it would be smartest to attack the Germans at breakfast and push until met resistance from the Germans, but it was thought to be a bad idea.

Infantry reported hearing the sound of tanks and trucks coming from the German side. But the officers told them it was just the sound of the Germans playing the sound on the phonograph records.

At 5:30AM on December 6, 1944 they found out they were wrong when eight German armored divisions and thirteen German infantry division launched an all out attack on five divisions of the U.S. first army. At least 657 light, medium, and heavy guns and Howitzers. As well as 340 multiple-rocket launchers were fired on American positions. We surrendered.