"Battle of the Bulge" Explained in Text: Conditions, Warfare, Motive, and Objective.

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The Battle of the Bulge, known also as one of the most brutal and fierce battles of World War II. It took place in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium, it was the Winter of 1944. The Soldiers could not prepair themselves for what they were about to endure in the frozen forest. The war in Europe was nearing to an end, the troops were holding on by a thread.

Most of the time, the weather was harsh, and only around 10 degrees F. The Soldiers were equipt very poorly, with not enough warm clothes, and a lack of ammo. A good example is to go jump in a frozen pool of water, and then go in a fox hole and stay there, that is what the Soldiers felt. Many became ill and suffered from things like trenchfoot and frostburn.

The main weapons used in the Battle of the Bulge was small arms on the US side, and artillery from the German lines outside of the forest.

Randomly the German Troops would attack the US Soldiers with a Flurry of Artillery causing treebursts and causing many casualties, but the Americans had to hold the line at all costs, they could not allow the Germans to recapture the Ardennes Forest.

The supplies were cut short, and the Soldiers ate poorly, they were simply cut-off from all supply routes. I believe the only thing that kept the Soldiers alive, was the thought of going home, back to their wives and children, although many were only boys. The parents of these Soldiers also suffer, they suffer the loss of their child, when the US sends them another folded American flag, and a telegram explaining they're sons death.

While they were in the forest, there was very little close combat, only a random...