The Battle on The Clouds

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Cloud computing is booming. To avoid being out of the game, Oracle spent $1.5 billion to buy RightNow Technologies, a provider of SaaS, last month. Oracle hopes this acquisition will help them quickly increase their market share about cloud computing market. At the present, Oracle is the leading provider of enter- prise software solutions. Furthermore, Oracle has a good financial health and its stock price is underval- ued. We recommend it is

a buy.

Volume 1 , Issue 1


Dec, 6th, 2011

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary 1 Macroeconomic Conditions 2 Industry Conditions 4 Industry Analysis 5 Financial Statement Analysis 6

Corporate Governance 8 Fundamental Valuation 9 Trend and next product 11 Technical Valuation 12 Summary 13 References 14

The Battle on The Clouds

Microsoft hesitated

participating the

market, and even

they found the way

to prevent develop-

ment of this technol-

ogy because it

affects the PC mar-

ket and Windows

revenue. Nonethe-

less, Microsoft's

huge technology

power helped Mi-

crosoft overcome any

challenge. Microsoft

released Office 365

that is a new office

server product looks

like Office 2010 but

operated by cloud

computing. This soft-

ware and a new PC

operating system -

Window 8- will help

Microsoft achieve a

big market share in

the computer software

market. In additional,

MSFT has a solid fi-

nancial growth. We

strongly support to

buy its stock at the



Economic growth positively

improved in the past two years

after the global economic cri-

sis. This is presented by con-

tinue increase in real GDP.

According to the estimate re-

leased by the Bureau of Eco-

nomic Analysis, real GDP in

the third quarter of 2011 in-

creased 2.0 percent compare

with the second quarter which

raised 1.3 percent.

The GDP increase in the third...