The Battle Of Racism

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The Battle of Racism Prejudice is the negative emotional attitude toward members of a specific group. Discrimination is when you dispense unequal treatment to people in a specific group. The tragedy on September eleventh has brought back into our country many prejudices, which are followed by discrimination, but this time it is not between blacks and whites, but between Americans and Muslims. The American people were told that the attacker was Muslim, and now many people have generalized the appearance of one alleged attacker to all who look or dress in the same way. The Americans have begun to discriminate against the Muslim belief and this has caused the Muslims to feel threatened and even begin to sense a loss of freedom.

Americans have stopped going to Muslim owned businesses. The residents in Chattanooga, Tennessee have discontinued business from a gas station due to the fact that a Muslim owns and runs it.

Residents will stand outside the gas station and protest, "Don't buy here, these could be terrorists. Let's get them out of our city and our country. GO USA." Now this group feels as if they have to hide in a country of "freedom." Americans have put signs on the sides of their vehicles protesting against the Taliban saying, "Go USA, Kill 'em all!" Muslims have had to resort to hiring security guards at their religious meetings in fear of what some Americans might do to them while they are worshiping in the privacy or their own temples. At one point in history, America was a safe refuge for almost all people. Due to the recent events, Muslims cannot find this refuge even among their fellow Americans.

I believe we have all gone through some type of discrimination in our lives whether it was being made...