The Battle Of Singapore

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The fall of Singapore

A brief overview

The fall of Singapore, also known as the battle of Singapore, was a 15 day long military campaign involving the invasion of Singapore by the Japanese imperial army. This occurred in February of 1942, right in the middle of World War II. The capture and fall of Singapore to the Japanese led surrender by the British and many deaths, damage and also prisoners of war being taken.

When did this even take place?

The fall of Singapore is generally considered to have taken place between the dates of the 8th and 15th February 1942.

What happened?

The battle of Singapore entailed the Japanese forces invading southern Malaysia and Singapore Island to push the allied forces back to Singapore city. Once the allies were trapped in the city the Japanese cut off resources and relentlessly bombed and shelled the city. This led to a surrender of the allied forces in Singapore.

Who was involved?

The countries and armies involved in the battle of Singapore were the British, the Austrians, the Indians and the Japanese.

Where did it occur?

The battle of Singapore took place in southern Malaysia and Singapore Island. The Japanese troops pushed the allies back to the island which allowed more Japanese to land directly onto the island. On the island major battles included, the battle for Tengah airfield, the battle for Bukit Timah and the holding of the 23,000 Japanese who landed on the North West coast of Singapore Island.

What happened during this time?

On the 1 February 1942 Japanese forces landed on the island of Singapore, they were held for a few days by British troops.

Around the 5th February Japanese aircraft and warships bombed and shelled Singapore city, naval bases, airfields, fuel storages and allied positions along...