Was the Battle of the Somme Justified?

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One of the bloodiest battles known until today during World War 1 ,the battle of the Somme 7:30am 1st July it began. This battle took place in the year of 1916 were man faced each other on No Mans Land were trenches stretched 966kilometers from the Belgian coast through France until the frontiers of Switzerland. The soldiers on this battle faced bad weather, dirt, diseases and death. The British accepted the idea of this battle that originated from the French commander Joseph Joffre, but as France was still the senior military partner in the alliance commander Sir Douglas Haig was in charge of everything. This battle is interesting in many different aspects from the use of different weapons to the tactics used by both the Germans and British forces. About this battle books are written stories were told and after the time of the blood battle of Waterloo the battle of the Somme is next to be remembered.

This battle is worth studying and knowing about because no matter bad or good, wrong or right tactics used people learn from them and learn not to make those mistakes. Until now days tactics are used starting of with the old ones and are developed into strong successful strategies and tactics . This battle of over hundred days' leaves a mark in the history of the First World War. In this battle around 600,000 casualties were killed, new weapons used, tactics sometimes succeeded sometimes failed but after all was this battle justified? No, it was not justified because of the lots but not successful tactics from the Allied side. Because of their aim that failed of ending, the stalemate on the Western front and driving the German forces away from Verdun. Instead, it ended up with carnage, and lastly their use...