Battle of Spotsylvania

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Many people may regard the Battle of Spotsylvania as a small war fought during the Civil War and others claim it was a useless war that lost thousands of men in simple haste--what they dont know is The Battle of Spotsylvania contributed its key factor to the victory for the North, it not only bombed the seaports to create ships to convey back and forth but it gave the South a figure of fear. The Battle of Spotsylvania was the final battle of the American Civil War fought near the plains of Rapidan-Rappahannock River, where more than 100,000 men on both sides fell between the time periods of 1862-1864.

Many people referred to the Battle of Spotsylvania were a short war yet impacted the Civil War Dramatically. It was a small percent of finalizing of the war, and since it was the last war must potential was fought into each blow.

The battle was fought exactly from May 8-19, 1864 along a trench line four miles long, with the Army of Northern Virginia led by Robert E. Lee whom is making its second attempt to hold the summer offensive of the United Stats Army of Potomac under the command of Ulysses S. Grant and George Meade.

The scenario took play less than a week after the bloody Battle of Wilderness, which 58,000 Confederate soldiers died fighting against the Union army numbering 106,000. From then on, Lee and Grant had conflicts arousing as a race to the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. The strategy was to tread around Lee's army and march straight to the capital unnoticeably with the help of training from Grant. The confederate eventually reached the capital and another battle is in place. The union tried using structures as decoys but their plan soon failed them and eventually...