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Baumeister states one of his main points when he says in his article "We concluded that the idea that low self esteem causes violence is simply and thoroughly wrong. It is contradicted by a huge mass of information and evidence."

Baumeister is saying that there are many studies that show that low self esteem does not cause violent behavior.

After reading and studying many articles, Baumeister decided that high self esteem caused more violent actions than low self esteem. Generally people with low self esteem had personalities that were shy and nonviolent. Baumeister gives the example of several people with high self esteem who had violent personalities. They were Hitler, Sadam Hussan , and Amin as well as a bully.

Baumeister discusses the bad side of teaching self esteem in the school system when he says, "To encourage the lower performing students to regard their performance justice favorably as the top learners- a strategy all to popular with the self esteem movement- is a tragic mistake."

This means that it is wrong to let poor performing students think their school work is just as good as the smarter students.

Many schools try to make everything the same when it comes to grading students the school should not be afraid to recognize brighter students. This helps the students to gain a realistic view of their schoolwork. Baumeister gives the example of a student who is not good in math, this student should not be given the idea that he can be better at math than he really is.