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Jamila Adeva

"And what is it that you want?"

His words rang through my ears, irritating me to the core.

* * *

Everyone wants something. They all strive and dream so that maybe, just maybe, with hard work and a bit of luck, they might succeed. It is what keeps the human race alive. Goal after goal, contentment after contentment, they are all still struggling to keep their heads above water. Tessa Gray was not an exception to this. When she was six she decided she wanted to have everything humanly possible. As the years passed by, she realised she couldn't have everything. Not really. But this didn't stop her. Tessa, without doubt, was determinedvery motivated. After high school she went on to graduate from one of those prestigious universities with a fancy degree in law. She then got a job at a firm where the pay was as high as her penthouse apartment.

Tessa turned thirty and got married. She effectively had everything she could ever have possibly wanted.

Beside all that she had, Tessa was just another human who wanted more in life. This is where Tessa had found herself in quite the dilemma. How can a girl who already has everything want more?

* * *

I know well what I am fleeting from but not what I am in search for.

BreathlesslyBreathing in and out, I stopped as the sun beats down on my exposed neck. Little droplets of my sweat pittered and pattered against the barren red clay, leaving me wishing for rain instead. With the sun shining proudly from its pedestal, I curse to myself. I wish I could scream it all out but that would be just a waste of what little energy I had left. Even creatures great or small had...