The Bbuilding of a Racing Go Cart- Process Essay.

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Nine years ago, my husband and I had this great idea to build a go-cart for our daughter (my stepdaughter) after she decided that she needed one of these cars to race around the yard. She loved racing and watched it all the time on television with the two of us. Considering she was six years old at the time, we came up with the idea to build her one that looked like the ones on television to make her happy and take the cheap way out. That night we drew up a diagram of a look-Alike racecar off television and made a list of everything that we would need to have to put together this new, little, race cart.

The next day we went out and found a good hard body of an old go-cart frame. We also went to the nearest auto shop gathering all the materials that we needed to begin this go-cart, which included getting sheet meal, metal tubing, wire, chain, rivets, paint, and good wheels, tires and of course the main part of this go-cart, the engine.

We then brought our entire supplies home to begin our project.

Before we begin, we had to set up a good workspace in the garage. A carport or any large open space would work fine. If you do not have any of these set up a steady worktable big enough to hold a go-cart of this size, a welding table would work great. Now that our work area and go-cart frame was set up, we were ready to start building the cart. The roll bar is the first thing that we built and is very important to do right for the safety of your child. The process of making the roll bar consists of measuring and cutting out...