Beach- an interesting place

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I like beach. It is the combination of picturesque rocky shores, flowers of spindrifts and things that depict a strikingly expressive landscape. The crystal clear ocean reflects its overhead cloudless azure sky. Overlooking from the walkway, palm trees and sundecks are sided line upon line throughout the beach.

The sandy beach is always congested with crowd. People from all walks of life pursue their craving for rejuvenation here. It is because the beach is a relaxing and peaceful getaway where one can truly slow down and unwind his or her vocation. Also, the beach never fails to entertain. From extreme to relaxing, many forms of recreation and leisure that can be carried out to cater the different needs of young and elderly. Most the time you can see youth surfing the waves and kids building sandcastles. Besides, all the traditional beach rituals like sunbathing and playing volleyball can be seen here.

There is nothing more beautiful than the view of sunset from the seaside. The sky is now blushed into reddish and seagulls soar freely up the sky. Sometimes, there is a few couples having a sweet strolls. While bare footing along the seaside, they too play with the gentler waves. The dark falls and the beach has most probably been deserted. Once in a while, some people chit-chat on the beach and sense the soft and relieving breeze blowing slightly. The beach is soon totally immersed into darkness and tranquility but it is still as adorable as it has always been.

Beach reveals its outgoing nature. It is always the ideal refuge for the busy lives from hustling and bustling city. Beach is beach, it is interesting in its own way that is beyond praise. Shh!! Could you hear it? The serenade composed by breeze, waves and the drone...