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IntroductionThe following recommendation is for the development of a high-level computer network design for Bead Bar. In this report I will cover what network topography that should be used, the network architecture, and the advantages and drawbacks that this type of network topography will provide for the organization.

BackgroundThe Bead Bar has three divisions within the company studios, franchises, and Bead Bar onboard. The studio division oversees the company’s six studios, which are located in several cities. The franchise division sells beading supplies to businesses that want to open their own studio. This division is responsible for fulfilling franchisees supply requirements, which there are five currently of. Bead Bar onboard is designed for cruise ships.

The company has been using the paper based forms but is now large enough that the paper based system is inefficient. The company has had some problems including lost orders, incorrect invoicing, and fulfillment delays.

To solve the problems we will be looking into computerizing the company, studios, and their franchises. This will enable everyone to communicate with each other, get orders out more quickly, and do correct invoicing.

Recommendation OverviewThe network topography that is recommended is star topography. The reason for the selection of this topography is that the disabling of any node will not affect the rest of the network. Once the node has been taken care of the system functions will be back to normal. (World, 2000)The selected network architecture that is recommended for Bead Bar is the autonomic network architecture. The Bead Bar must be able to expand when it wants and the maintenance of this network should not use too much manpower. The autonomic network architecture is the architecture of tomorrow and will support Bead Bar in its expansion efforts.

Network TopologyThe network topology that I would use for...