Bean Trees

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In the novel Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, Taylor goes through a lot of changes when she leaves Kentucky and adopts Turtle. She becomes an independent and responsible mother. Taylor also has to overcome many obstacles that are in her way.

Taylor always wanted to leave Kentucky she attended school just to finish it. She felt like she has stayed in Kentucky for too long and she wanted to move on. She thinks that if she stays in Kentucky she would just get pregnant and become another house wife. She didn't see her future in Kentucky. "Mama always said barefoot and pregnant was not my style". Once Taylor got her job and saved up some money for a car she was ready to leave Kentucky. Her mother already knew that as soon as Taylor gets her car she is going to leave. "You'll drive away from here yet.

I expect the last I'll see of you will be your hind end." Taylor left Kentucky to find new place were she could start her life over.

Taylor's life began to change when she got out of Kentucky. Her car broke so she had to stop on Indian Land were she inherited a little girl. "Are you saying you want to give me this child"? Some strange women left a little girl with Taylor. Taylor was confused and didn't know what to do. After she realized what has happened she knew that she has to take care of a kid. When Taylor discovered bruises she knew that the child has been abused and she wanted to keep it. Now that she had a kid to take care and no money she had to find a job to support the child and herself. She received a good job offer at...