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In looking for a transnational investment firm certain qualities should be apparent to potential investors. Reputability in the market, strength, history of business success and high profit margin, integrity; these are all qualities which make an acquisitions and investment banking firm successful. Bear Stearns Inc. is a firm which comprises all of these qualities and uses them as a foundation for their business success.

To fully understand the reasons for Bear Stearns' success it is important to have a basic grasp of the corporation and of the major events that have taken place since its foundation and first insertion into the market. Beginning with a brief history and discussion of first involvement with transnational business deals it is our goal to show how Bear Stearns rose from a modest New York investment banking firm into a multinational player in capital markets and acquisitions. To highlight the depth of business and the successes in the past, business volume as well as an overview of the basic Bear Stearns international business plan.

Included in the overview of the business plan is a discussion about the strategies that Bear Stearns employs to remain a successful transnational corporation. Completing the discussion of Bear Stearns is an analysis of the corporations strengths, weaknesses, future business opportunities, and direct threats. It is our hope that through this comprehensive analysis that we are able to highlight the reasons for Bear Stearns continued success in a vitally important international market.


Bear Stearns Inc. was founded in New York City in 1923 as an international investment banking firm. As such, it was one of the first major investment banking firms to travel across the United States and set up satellite offices throughout the country to build up its business network. Throughout its internal...