Beast Machines: My Thoughts

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It's no secret that I really cannot tolerate Hasbro's fiddling with The Transformers into an entirely new kind of robot race. No longer Autobots or Decepticons, they have become creatures with organic animals with the power of become robots. Suffice to say I was not pleased by the introduction of Beast Wars as it was established into the continuity of both comic and cartoon shows that they would become this mockery of technology gone horribly wrong. The original Megatron is gone and so was Optimus Prime leaving in their place two upstart leaders bearing their names. While I very stoically watched the third season of Beast Wars it was always my wish that eventually the premise would die down and be forgotten.

But of course that never happened.

Now comes the end of The Beast Wars and a new series called Beast Machines and the characters have lost their robotic look entirely and becoming more humanoid.

Even Megatron looks mutated beyond redemption.

This apparently is the premise of this ongoing program in which The Maximals are being hunted by a very deformed mutated Megatron who set up a virus to inhibit the troop who were shot down when they returned. The Maximals are "reformatted" by a super computer entity known as The Oracle to protect themselves. Megs wants to rid Transformers of organics forever.

Despite the lack of direction in the first three episodes I've seen on fox Kids I had hope that the series would be the final definition of who The Transformers really are but so far I am not very impressed with the results. But I'm still watching out of curiosity.

After seeing Part I and II of Revelations I do believe that the show is starting to show its potential. However I still reserve judgement.

Only time will tell if this will either lead to The Transformers' continued existence or their doom. We shall see.

The End