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When people hear the name 'The Beatles' most people think of

lead singer, John Lennon. However, the role of Paul McCartney is

often overlooked. It was McCaiinquisitive.inquisitive.nquisitive.rtney, not Lennon who was the

driving force behind the Beatles.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were in many bands together

before the forming of the Beatles. In 1962, along with Ringo

Starr1 and George Harrison, they formed the rock group known as

'The Beatles'. The group featured a modern rock that was new and

popular during the period with John and Paul composing and doing

the leads on most of the songs. They were backed by George on

rhythm and bass guitar and Ringo on drums. George and Ringo also

assisted on backing vocals.

When they first began playing, the main influence inside the

band was John Lennon, who had an uncanny ability to compose songs

at a moments notice with an inspiration that others missed.


pushed the members of the band during their touring years and was

able to achieve the best possible results from the group.

The band began playing in a Music Hall style that is very

effective for the audiences but was lacking on their albums.

Together with Paul, John began to evolve the band. As the years

began to pass, the band was obviously beginning to grow musical-

ly. They had moved from simple lyrics like 'Love me Do' to

harshly aware reflections of life in their home country in

'Eleanor Rigby'2. There were attempts, some more successful than

others, to incorporate the other Beatles into the idea stage.

George Harrison made this leap successfully with such tracks as

'I want to tell you', 'TAXMAN', and the psychedelic 'Love you

to'. Ringo was featured in the humorous 'Yellow Submarine

As the group matured, their creativity began to...