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The Beatles 1 Its release has been patiently awaited for over thirty years, and finally the time has come. It has been over four decades since The Beatles started churning out music. There could not be a better word than "magical" for what the fab four from Liverpool England did. Not only did they continue to write and sing song after song, but they also had continuing success. They did so well that they notched up twenty-seven UK and US top hits. The Beatles have had an unparalleled success with charts all over the world. They were also the first British act to break into the US market in a big and consistent way. And the magic continues, despite the absence of John Lennon. Maybe because of Lennon's absence, The Beatles have become such an enduring legand. This cd, 1, is a compilation of The Beatles' twenty-seven songs that reached the number one spot in the US and the UK billboards in chronological order.

This was the first Beatles CD I ever purchased and the only one so far for that matter. What a fitting album to buy for my first being that it is titled 1. This compact disc contains twenty-seven of The Beatles best songs and at a cost of $12.99 is a steal. This album takes the younger listeners on a journey through the pages of history and to the older audience a trip down memory or amnesia lane. What is more amazing is the transformation that can be heard in The Beatles style as one listens from song to song. From their earlier works in the early sixties to their later songs in the early seventies, a definite metamorphosis is observed. The first eight songs are about love and then gradually over the time of their...