How the Beatles influenced America

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May 20, 2014

The Beatles' Invasion in America

The 1960's was an era of changing and denying in U.S History. "There has always been a difference in tastes between parents and their children; very often parents do not understand their children's feelings and attitudes. In result, the wealth of material brings the emptiness of spiritual life. The teens saw everything meaningless; they do not want that kind of life" (Fanyi). They sought for a better life than the one their parents passed on to them. However, in the sixties the gulf between these two groups was even wider than it had ever been before. In the world there was a feeling of discontent with the state of society among the young. In their opinion they were consumption-oriented and corrupt. At this time the boundary between mainstream culture and subculture was falling apart.

Music is an exit that gave them a chance to express their thoughts about people, war, government, society and especially Rock music. When The Beatles' arrived in America, they restyled the United States by their use of unique sound, charming appearances, and influence on the youth culture. The group was consisted of John Lennon,[vocals, rhythm guitar] Paul McCartney, [vocals, rhythm guitar] George Harrison, [lead guitar, vocals] and Ringo Starr [drums, vocals, percussion].These fabulous foursome [their nickname] were the most successful Rock band in the 1960's because they became a culture icon to this generation in America and Europe. Their songs fulfilled their spiritual life and had a great impact on the American culture. By understanding how The Beatles' influenced America, the reader comprehends how the development of Rock and Roll music influenced rebellion in youth today.

In the 1960s The Beatles' journey started of changing the world...