Beauowulf's Heorism

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Every hero in every time period embodies there ideas of conduct that are valued in there own way, due to their culture and time period. The stories told a long time a go or within about the old days or even a fairy tale story, the hero is very brave, not necessarily big, but has a lot of heart. They also tend to have a lot of brain power. Some times the heroes are given super human qualities others are just regular people. For instance "Beowulf fights Grendal he is the only one who can pierce the beast with his sword." No other ordinary man was able to do that, but that is how a hero is formed.

In this epic Beowulf values his virtues very much. His virtues, being that he is so brave, are being noble, having much valor and his love for his people and to his king.

The Anglo Saxon culture is very distinct from any other culture, being that they were so heroic. They have their kings and there leaders, only to find that your leader {hero} is more powerful than the king. Every one would listen to Beowulf because they his history and how heroic he is in every thing that he does. Being that Beowulf is a man of his virtues and his values he is a very noble person, not only to him and what he believes but also to his people. He would die for his people putting his life on the line before they even have to show there face towards a fight. Beowulf wouldn't expect them to owe him any thing but after he fought for them they said they would owe him their lives and he says no. A noble man also will honor their king and...