Beautiful and Ugly

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Expressing oneself can often be a difficult task. Choosing whether printed word, oral presentation, or artistic endeavors are the most suited media can often be difficult. Often, however, more than one media may be used. An example of this is in the expression of an image. Images can be created through the use of printing or by using figurative language and tone. An image can also be expressed through artwork such as paintings and sculptures. Aside from both being used for commercial reasons, they are meant to express a feeling or idea they had within themselves.

The two images that I have chosen are a cd cover from the band Garbage and a picture that Marylin Manson painted. They are in my opinion very similar but different in many ways.

The Garbage cd cover is a picture of a big red rose with the words Beautiful Garbage right in the middle of the flower.

The Manson picture is also a flower with its stem. These pictures are related to one another because they both have something to do with music and they have their main focus as a flower. They are also popular artists of today.

When you look at a picture the first thing that you look at is the biggest object or the most colorful. The picture of the rose is one of two things in the picture and it happens to be the biggest. This is what you would call the "center of attention" of the picture. The other only thing on the picture is the words Beautiful Garbage. There are also numerous little, what it looks like, pieces of square flower scattered around in the shape of different flower pedals.

The painting from Marylin Manson has a very different image than the first picture. It...