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A Beautiful Mind Movie Review The movie reviews I read were from a site called and one from I was personally impressed with the acting and the whole plot of the movie. The movie was confusing yet it explained the whole plot by the end of the film. I read two reviews regarding this movie.

The First review was from the website by were cranky. The writer of this review seemed to challenge the movie with comments like "can smooth over the occasional bumps in the script" and "we found ourselves at a loss on several occasions". He seemed like he wanted to know exactly what was going on at each moment in the movie yet the movie was a different type of movie, which is supposed to make you confused.

The Second review was by James Berardinelli at This review was a review, which gave words like "beautifully written" and "effectively acted" to show the quality and appreciation of the movie.

James seemed to feel the movie a little bit more with descriptions like "this is the kind of expression of emotion that touches a deeper chord". He comments on the talented actors and the exceptional writing, which was applied to this film.

After reading both the review I will have to side with James Berardinelli. I appreciated this movie and left the theatre with a smile. James feels the same way as myself in his descriptions and comments. I'm usually the type of person to enjoy a good action film or perhaps a good fantasy, but in this film it gave me all the pieces I wanted in a good film and more.